BELPI Shipsupplies, a global supplier and more

Belpi Shipsupplies is wholesale supplier whose home is the world. We both collect and distribute goods, and our operating activities encompass a variety of sectors. Sectors in which we have acquired the reputation of a service provider that combines efficiency with flexibility. And reliability with integrity.

No limits
Belpi Shipsupplies is a company that knows no bounds, both literally and figuratively. We can help you to get hold of a unlimited number of articles via our vast network of local, national and international suppliers. We have contacts all over the world, many of which we have built up over years. We therefore have no hesitation in presenting ourselves as reliable partners. This increases our effectiveness. And gives you the best possible guarantees.

Building relationships
We always do our best to satisfy your requirements and wishes, but we like to go further. In our eyes, you are not just a buyer, but a partner with whom we are eager to build a relationship. We do this by contributing ideas. By advising you about items that offer you best value for money, pro-active in offering good quality, but more budget friendly alternatives. By advising you about optimum purchase quantities, transport options and logistic benefits. We have the resources in house to tailor our service to your business. 

Complete fulfilment
We are a supplier who also likes to shoulder the burden in other areas of activity. As a result, you can safely entrust us with the complete fulfillment of your order. Working with Belpi Shipsupplies also means: working with a reliable partner. No matter the quality or quantity, you can rely on Belpi Shipsupplies . A deadline is a deadline. A deal is a deal. Full stop. 

Strategic location
Based in Antwerp and Rotterdam, we are strategically located both nationally and internationally. We want to be of service to you too. Like to get acquainted with Belpi Shipsupplies? Then please get in touch with us, no strings attached!